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Previous Conference Websites

The older static web sites, 2006 to 2010 will open in a new window, simply close to return here.

The main pages from Conferences after 2010 are still available for viewing and are integrated into the current website, simply select the year you wish to view in the navigation menu and you will be presented with links to that year. 

 Previous years Demo Galleries

Conference 2014 
Philip Howard
Michael Smith Gallery
Gerard Chouet Gallery
Alistair Birt Gallery
Brett Graham Gallery

Conference 2013
Daniel Clifford
Geoffery Smeddle
Gary McLean
Roman Romato
Jeremy Medley 

Conference 2012
Will Holland Photo Gallery

Vicky Endersen Photo Gallery
Nathan Outlaw Photo Gallery
Mark Greenaway Photo Gallery
Lisa Allan Photo Gallery

Conference 2011
Roy Brett Gallery
Bart Van Cauwenberghe Gallery

Tom Kerridge Gallery
Gary Jones Gallery
Willie Pike Gallery

Previous image Galleries (open in a new window)

Conference 2010
Raymond Capaldi Gallery
Alan Murchison Gallery
Benoit Blin M.O.G.B Gallery
Stephen McLaughlin Gallery
Craig Dunn Gallery

Conference 2009
Bruce Sangster Gallery
Paul Gayler Gallery
Paco Torreblanca Gallery
Ralph Porciani Gallery
Alan Murchison Gallery

Conference 2008
Cyrus Todiwala MBE Gallery
Clair Clark Gallery
Mickaels Weiss Gallery
Gary Watson
John Campbell Gallery

Conference 2007
Steven Doherty
James Petrie
James Campbell
Jason Atherton
Craig Sandle

Conference 2006 Gallery
Martin Wishart Images
Tom Kitchin Images
William Curley Images
Andrew Fairley Images